Different kind of Malware Explained by McAfee:

McAfee explains its user different kind of Malware which is a threat to your device. Generally, people just have listen about the virus but there are so many malware which affect your computer system in different ways. McAfee is the most popular antivirus among the entire antivirus which gives; protection to your device against all kind of malware likes virus, spyware, rootkits, adware, Trojans, worms, keyloggers, scareware, and also against ransomware. It can install through www.mcafee.com/activate. Hackers use different kind of malware to damage your device or to steal information from your device.

What are the different kinds of Malware?

There are different kinds of malware explained by mcafee.com/activate are as follows:

Technical strategy concept infographic diagram illustration of malware
  1. Virus:

Viruses are the software which is send to your device by hackers through email and instant messaging. They are spread through one computer to another and interfere with computer operations. The work of this virus is to delete or corrupt your data of your device. They are also spread through downloads on the internet. That is why it is advised not to open email attachments send by unknown users and do not download anything from fake websites.

  1. Spyware:

The work of the spyware to collect information about you without your consent. It is installed through virus and or through installed software. It gets into your device through advertising also. It collects the personal information from your computer and changes the configuration of your computer. Sometimes when you take some apps from another device you agree to the terms and condition of that app. It is advised that without reading properly does not agree to the terms because spyware silently gets into your device through these license agreement.

  1. Adware :

Adware comes from the word advertisement. Adware are not considered to be dangerous but so many advertisements are considered to be nuisance and it becomes a good malware.
4. Trojans:

Trojan horse is the type of malware which can take control over your computer system. This malware misleads the user of its true intent. It is designed to corrupt, steal data and damage your device.

  1. Worms:

Worms are the software which spread the malicious infections as fast as possible. It slows down the performance of your PC and network also. It uses the computer network to spread itself.

  1. Ransomware:

This malware locks your data, files and PC also. It will give you the access power when you give money to them. This is a new way to collect funds from the users.

If you want to know more about malware and viruses just visit to the site of McAfee via mcafee.com/activate. Or you can call on their toll free number for help if you finding any kind of problem in installing McAfee product.

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